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LiBackpack D50 Mobile Handheld 3D Mapping System

LiBackpack D50 Mobile Handheld 3D Mapping System

LiBackpack D50 is GVI’s premium mobile laser scanning system. Powered by two Velodyne VLP-16 sensors and GVI’s proprietary algorithms, the D50 provides superior SLAM performance, wider effective FOV (Field of View) and longer practical detection range. All of this is contained in a durable, lightweight housing, allowing users to scan vast areas for up to two hours.

Real-Time Data Visualization

Visualize the point cloud in real-time via the connected device (wired/
wireless). The LiBackpack user interface also displays device status information.

Expanded Field of View

Dual Velodyne VLP-16 laser sensors offer an expanded field of view (FOV) with up to
twice as many points.

Robust SLAM Solution

More robust SLAM technologies due to the inclusion of twice as many data
points (compared to the LiBackpack 50).