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BX316 GNSS Kit

With 2w/460Mhz Radio (RS460)

BX316D Kit consists of BX316D Basic and 2W Radio Option. BX316D GNSS receiver is a cost efficient dual frequency GNSS RTK receiver providing accurate positioning, raw measurement output, and heading information. It offers real-time cm-level positioning as well as flexible interfaces.


2W Radio option provides reliable data communications between 457 MHz and 467 MHz for mission-critical applications where a combination of stability, superior performance and long distance are required. Equipped with dual antenna design for precise heading, the BX316D Kit is ideal for precision navigation, precision agriculture, and surveying.




  • Supports RTK positioning mode or RTK positioning + heading mode The two modes are software configurable
  • Supports 384 channels
  • Command compatible with NovAtel protocol
  • Supports 20Hz RTK solution updates and raw data outputs
  • Supports in-built 4GB memory, which makes data collection easy
  • Supports PPS output and event mark input